Unconsciously Muttering – I say :: … and you think.

Playing week #496 of the popular, long-running meme.

I say :: … and you think.

  1. Alcohol :: … booze
  2. Pocket :: … pants
  3. Squeeze:: … A Debian release
  4. Football :: … season
  5. Fourth :: … of July
  6. Snake :: … sneaky
  7. Reduced :: … shrunk
  8. Polka :: … Lawrence Welk
  9. Intrepid ::USS (the aircraft carrier)
  10. Paula :: … Abdul

“No! Not my thumb!” – last night’s sleep and dream.

last night’s sleep and dream – 29 July 2012 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CbwvA4X6lcPbDgUqnMJhORTxVutqk0pH2yIlNx6TXbU/edit

On the short side of my normal, last night’s moderately restful 6.5-hour sleep came early, from 21:30 to 04:00. And it brought a dream which wasn’t pleasant, but which probably should be noted since it’s been recurring recently.

In vivid clarity, the dream had me chopping off a friend’s thumb with a sharp knife. We were both serving as soldiers under a brutal commander who enforced discipline with a savage cruelty. At any infraction of his orders, the guilty party had a body part hacked off.

My partner had failed to carry out some part of a recent assignment satisfactorily. His mistake came to light during our debriefing, and the commander ordered me to chop off one of his fingers immediately. Balling his fingers into a tight fist, he made it almost impossible for me to pull one out. Finally I got his thumb extended and… cut it off as he screamed.

Maybe now that I’ve written it down this damned dream will stop haunting me. I can hope.