Tank Girl: Samurai – comic book art from Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1

She finds it much easier to kill the bad guys than to keep her grip on reality or hold onto the plot. The LSD-tripping Tank Girl has a moment in the short story, The Automatic Psychedelic Hand-Grenade Crowbar Shit-Storm Massacre.

Tank Girl Samurai

From Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1, a delightful collection of shorts by Alan Martin and Jim Mahfood, recently published by Titan Magazines.

Smiling at things having come full-circle.

last night’s sleep and dream – 30 July 2012 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xys_C2VLO90CDIPW9I3DqZFv95hDbQPkewmO6N89u98/edit

When I was a boy, way back in the long, long ago, I complained to high heaven when my parents would send me to bed at 8:30 at night. I wanted to stay up later. 10:00PM or so seemed a more reasonable bedtime to my younger self. Ha! As an older boy now, I have to smile at things having come full circle. Last night’s restful, dream-filled, 7.5-hour sleep came from 20:30 to 04:00. Yes, of my own volition, I’d put head to pillow and welcomed sleep at 8:30PM

Last night’s dream came in two main parts. The first had me leafing through the catalog section of a tech-oriented magazine. An item seen there, a satellite phone, caught my eye and struck me as something that might come in handy. The second had me bringing the magazine to a sick friend who I thought might also be interested in the phone.