Frustrating, fun, nightmarish, and happy – last night’s four dreams.

last night’s sleep and dreams – 02 August 2012 –

Last night’s 9.5-hour sleep was segmented, with the first six hours (21:00 to 04:00) being solid and pretty restful, and the second segment (04:00 to 07:30) very dream-filled.

The four dreams that came last night, briefly noted:

1.) A variation of what used to be a common UPS-themed dream, this had me reporting for work early, but having trouble locating enough empty locker space in the drivers’ changing room to store all my gear. Frustrating.

2.) In the second dream I visited a curio shop and chatted with staff and other customers before finally buying a comic book. Fun.

3.) The night’s last two dreams were shorter but very graphic. The first of these had me looking out my kitchen and watching the progress of a zombie apocalypse taking place across the street in Main Plaza Park. Nightmarish.

4.) Ending the night with a much nicer scene, the final dream had me watching a young father holding his laughing little son on his shoulder as they played in the shallow water at a busy beach on a sunny afternoon. Happy.