Walking with children, relaxing at home, enjoying a live band – last night’s three dreams.

last night’s sleep and dreams – 09 August 2012 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r2hmp6zqt9M8PKyEEGxTEzovBtFMwb-n66ya2BoamaU/edit

A total of 7.5-hours’ worth of sleep came in two segments last night – the first from 22:00 to 02:00, and the second from 04:30 to 07:30. As has become a familiar pattern, the first segment was deeper while the second was very dream-filled.

Though the three dreams that came last night were all extremely detailed and contained many elements, I’ll just list the central features of each.

1.) In the night’s first dream I was a younger man than I am now, and I was escorting two young children as we walked back home from town. Interactions with folks along the route were varied and interesting.

2.) As a younger man again, the second dream had me relaxing in a domestic setting with a young woman.

3.) Also very detailed and graphic, the last dream of the night had me walking out onto the 2nd floor terrace of my hotel where I found a small band playing to an appreciative crowd. It looked like all the seats at the umbrella-topped patio tables were already filled, as were the chairs in the gazebo. Fortunately, I found a seat back in a shady corner where I could settle myself and enjoy the entertainment.