Traveling in time – last night’s dreaming.

last night’s sleep and dreams – 10 August 2012 –

Last night’s 7.5-hour sleep came in two segments as most of mine do. The first 4 hours came from 21:30 to 01:30, and the next 3.5 hours came from 04:30 to 08:00.

Unlike most nights, however, it was the first sleep segment that brought the most memorable dream. Long and very detailed, this had me

1.) traveling back in time, at least a couple of centuries or so, with an unidentified partner,

2.) finding the mostly decomposed bodies of several people buried under the roots of a tree, and

3.) a book clutched in the hands of one of the bodies. The book had special powers of its own and, when read,

4.) my partner and I could surf the timeline at will.

The second sleep segment brought dreams, too, but the details of these mostly faded by the time my feet hit the floor by the side of my bed in the morning.