Pleasant, but barely remembered – last night’s dreaming.

last night’s sleep and dream – 16 August 2012 –

Last night’s was another early and short sleep. Just six hours in length, from 21:30 to 03:30, this sleep was only moderately restful, judging by how long it took for my mind to unfog after waking. There was a pleasant dream that came with it, however, and that’s always a good thing.

Though many of the details of that dream have faded from memory, three significant elements remain.

1.) A coworker and I decided to combine our efforts and work together to complete our individually assigned tasks despite the company policy discouraging that.

2.) We were pretty successful, she and I. Our work went smoothly and was finished in a timely manner.

3.) A good approach I adopted was applying lessons learned from practicing yoga: moving slowly but with proper form, staying relaxed and calm.