Two different dreams, two different women – what came last night.

last night’s sleep and dreams – Tuesday, 28 August 2012 –

After a short string of nights with short sleeps and barely remembered dreams, the Sandman finally brought me a good, long sleep. And this sleep (7.5 hours, from 21:30 to 05:00) contained a pair of dreams.

The two dreams that came last night featured two different women. Both these women bore striking resemblance to different women I’ve known in real life.

With an unidentified friend, I was being pursued by unidentified forces. I led us into the basement of a big building where a clandestine, high-stakes poker game was being played. A woman I hadn’t (and haven’t) seen in years was also in the basement. She led us out through a stairway guarded by police, took us to an apartment she shared with several others, and let us hide there for awhile. “Oh, by the way,” she told me with a little laugh, “I’ve got a bag of your clothes in here somewhere.”

The woman in the second dream wasn’t so helpful. Actually, she brought trouble down on both of us. In an outdoor parking lot she and I were exiting my car when we were accosted by four men, guys who apparently knew her and were involved with her in some unidentified way. They threatened her and, when I stepped to her defense, they threatened me, too. The confrontation quickly became physical. One tall guy wearing an “Afro” haircut and a purple t-shirt and I started trading shoves and punches. When the other three began circling, I retrieved a shotgun from my car and began shooting. That woman, she was no help at all.