Cataloging Comic Books – My Way!

After having looked at all the commercial products, both web-based and and those designed for the desktop, the expensive and the free, the software intended for Microsoft users and those intended for Linux users, I’ve finally come to the conclusion the the best way for me to organize my comic book collection is to use a text editor (Bluefish is my tool of choice here) and maintain an ordered list of: the titles I have in each box, a simple text file for each individual comic book or volume of manga in my library, and the monthly pull-lists I submit to my LCS.


Seen in the screenshot above is one such text file and the simple directory structure for my collection that I keep on the hard drive of my Debian laptop, and synched to a thumb drive. Soon I’ll begin synching this to the cloud, too.

Given the thousands upon thousands of comics in my library, and the rate at which I’m continuing to add to my collection, this is a project that will probably take me… well, forever. 😀