Using long range communication stones in last night’s dream.

last night’s sleep and dream – 01 September 2012 –

It seems I’m in a period of short sleeps now. Last night’s 6.5-hours, from 21:30 to 04:00, was similar to those that have been coming recently. Hopefully a batch of longer, healthier sleeps will be coming soon.

One longish and rather detailed dream did come last night. It had me seeking the aid of a physician, (something I’m loathe to do in real life, by the way), in dealing with issues related to my aging body. Part of the treatment regimen I was given was the regular use of long range communication stones, similar to those encountered in the Stargate science fiction universe of shows and stories. These particular stones I was given allowed me to travel not only over enormous distances but also back in time, exchanging places temporarily with younger versions of myself.