Staying in a flophouse, washing windows, etc. – last night’s dreams

last night’s sleep and dreams – 04 September 2012 –

The Sandman brought me a long and moderately restful 8.5-hour sleep last night. And he spiced it up with two long and detailed dreams.

I was somewhat disoriented in the first dream which had me living in a crowded flophouse. Unlike those I’ve known in real life, this was filled with friendly, clean-cut tenants and had a jovial landlord liked by all. Most of the socializing there was done in our common kitchen/dining area.

While talking with the landlord in my room about business matters, I received a phone call from a friend from whom I’d not heard in decades. She was delighted when I recognized her voice immediately.

The night’s second dream was presented in three main three main parts. 1.) I drove a wheelchair bound friend to a large supply store. 2.) In the store we searched for a piece of hardware to upgrade part of his chair. 3.) After the shopping we stopped at a favorite fast food joint where I decided to wash the restaurant’s outside windows.