The party came to me – last night’s dream.

last night’s sleep and dream – 07 September 2012 –

Last night marked a return to segmented sleeping with a first, 4.5-hours coming from 21:30 to 02:00, and the second, 3-hour segment from 04:00 to 07:00. And, as is the custom with my healthier sleeps, the second segment was dream-heavy.

Though at least two or three dreams came during that later segment, the one that remains clearest in my memory was long and very detailed. It had me living in a suite of rooms similar to that which I now occupy, but with some major differences. For one thing, my rooms were much larger in the dream. And for another, I was living at ground level: it was easy to climb out of my windows, or for those outside to reach in.

The dream had me hosting family and friends who had gathered at my place before leaving for a big Christmas party we were all planning to attend. Unfortunately, two of the children in our group had fallen ill, so I decided to stay home with them while the others left.

To my surprise and delight, several of my neighbors seemed to be holding a spontaneous party in the lawn outside my windows. More soon joined them and the festivities became increasingly more spirited. For a time I sat in a chair just outside one of my open windows where I could both keep an eye on the sick kids and still enjoy the party.

A good sleep and a happy dream: yep, the Sandman treated me well last night.