Last night’s long sleep and boring dream.

last night’s sleep and dream – 14 Sept. 2012 –

The Sandman brought me one very long sleep last night, perhaps to make amends for giving me such short shrift the night before. My head hit the pillow so early, 18:30 in the evening, and I didn’t rise from bed until 04:30 in the morning. Whew! Can’t remember when the last time was that I had ten unbroken hours of sleep.

He brought me a dream, too. And even though it was vividly detailed, it barely deserves mentioning. It was a fictional snippet from a perfectly ordinary but busy UPS delivery day. I used to get dreams like that on a regular basis, and I suppose I should be thankful that they come rarely now. At least there was no nightmare-like quality to it, no hellish sense of racing the clock and falling behind, no robbery attempt or assault of any kind. Used to get dreams like that. This was just… ordinary and boring.