What WAS I thinking?!

rt_09_2012_DBx – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J1TB6Y1lDTIt1rxcTzF4DqjYX4yEu53Sf0yaBXOy82s/edit

A snippet of the "random thoughts" posted recently to a file I keep on Drop Box and Google Docs.

27 Sept. 2012 – Thursday

~19:20 1.) Shall start listening to the Browns/Ravens game over NFL. com. Fatigue is already starting settle in, so it remains to be seen how much of the game I’ll catch. If it turns into a blowout early I’ll probably turn it off.

~18:15 1.) When T was working in my apt. this afternoon he told a new touch-pad lock was almost ready to be installed on the hotel’s residential front door replacing the key system we’re using now. That’s going to be interesting.