Hazards of deep space travel, etc. – last night’s sleep and dreams

last night’s sleep and dreams – 30 October 2012 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vko8v-oTbonCpDeW8QfJvShun-Lu8-sI3VBsUo69hek/edit

Last night’s 6-hour sleep, from 22:00 to 04:00, could certainly have been longer; but it did bring two vividly detailed and entertaining dreams. And it was followed (after some coffee, the first course of my breakfast, and a bit of work on the computer) by a relaxing hour of semi-dozing on the couch. So we can count that toward a total of 7 hours, which is enough sleep to get me through the day.

The first dream of the night was the longer of the two, and set me as part of a team of deep space explorers. We had all suffered from some kind of radiation sickness during a long flight and were convalescing at an off-world medical base. As the sickness worked its way through our metabolisms, we each began to physically transform in different ways. It was a bit scary to see the physical and psychological changes some of my teammates were undergoing.

The second dream was much shorter but just as detailed. It was set in my neighborhood and had me being hailed as I walked back to my hotel from a shopping trip by a former high school classmate of mine – a guy I’ve not seen in decades. He was waiting on the footpath behind the International Center for his wife and daughter to drive by and pick him up. He and I chatted for a short time before his ride appeared. There was really no place for his wife to park and traffic was heavy, so he quickly introduced me to his family as he climbed into the car, then off they drove.

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update regularly, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


28 Oct. 2012 – Sunday

~15:00 1.) Despite last night’s short sleep, this is turning out to be a productive day. 2.) Two nice chats with K downstairs. I swear, if she was a bit older and I was a bit younger…

27 Oct. 2012 – Saturday

~23:00 1.) Home from the ballet, glad I went. Hope I can relax my way into a sleep pretty soon.

~17:30 1.) While waiting for tonight’s ballet, I’ve actually had a decently productive day: got some reading done, followed a lot of football, did some shopping in the neighborhood, had a fair amount of social contact, worked on a lot of CC games, and got some house-cleaning done. If I can just keep up this momentum for a few more hours…

26 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~16:30 1.) Perhaps a horror movie slipped into the DVD player would be a good idea right about now. And some anime to follow that, and a Spurs game on the radio to finish off the evening.

~15:00 1.) My woman barber this afternoon at Matador’s was a mumbler and low-talker; I kept having to ask her to repeat her questions. Despite that, she was a very fast worker and gave me the best haircut I’ve gotten recently.

25 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~20:00 1.) Despite its very rocky start, the day has been relatively productive. There is some satisfaction in that.

Unconsciously muttering – I say:: … and you think.

Playing week 509 of the popular, long-running, word association meme. 🙂

I say :: … and you think.

  1. Crying :: … baby
  2. Reluctant :: … hesitant
  3. Decade :: … ten years
  4. Mustache :: … trim
  5. Water :: … drink
  6. March :: … of Dimes
  7. Stripes :: … Stars and…
  8. Friendship :: … pals
  9. Weirdo :: … Joe Biden
  10. Contacts :: … social

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on my RaspberryPi, update regularly, and update to a public folder on Google Drive.


26 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~11:00 1.) Rainy weather is happening. Lots of lightning has me thinking it’d be a good idea to shut down the debian boxes. So I shall.

~07:45 1.) Have been thinking about taking a local (in-state) megabus trip.

~05:45 1.) A better night’s sleep, a productive Stumpy shift, this Friday’s off to a better start than yesterday.

25 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~16:00 1.) In terms of productivity, this has certainly not been a day to be proud of.

24 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~Noon:30 1.) K. was right: she DID put a lot of meat on the sandwiches today. Man! A bowl of soup and one sandwich SO filled me up! What a lunch!

~10:00 1.) Wish I knew for sure A.’s current address. Sending him duplicate mailings is something of a pain. 2.) This is another day with the a/c off, windows open, and a breeze blowing through. Love it!

~06:30 1.) Another good start to a day following a good, solid, restful sleep. The Stumpy shift was properly productive and movement through the chores proceeds smoothly.

23 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~09:45 1.) Moving slowly and carefully through the day’s chores, determined to reach some decent level of productivity without breaking anything. 2.) Hoping for a nap sometime soon.

~08:30 1.) Darned mystery noise woke me at 01:15 in the morning and I never was able to get back to sleep. 2.) Glad I got caught up on all my chess games yesterday, the fog from last night’s drastically shortened sleep will certainly have a negative effect on my mental acuity today.

22 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~07:45 1.) Following a good, solid sleep, the morning’s Stumpy shift was short but properly productive. And movement through the morning’s chores continues smoothly.