What WAS I thinking?!

rt_10_2012-dbx – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RNipmJp3ybzIOnwxFNljnq3YMtTWp-dkUrcW-09oAPw/edit

Snippets from the month’s "random thoughts" file I keep on DropBox and update to Google Drive on a regular basis.

01 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~19:30 1.) That window of time through which I enjoyed the illusion of health this afternoon and into the early evening… well, that’s closing now. I’m still not as sick as I was last night, but it seems I’m headed in that direction. Darn it. 2.) While listening to the pregame show I was able to recode all the video files I renamed earlier in the day and burned them to their appropriate thumb drives. 3.) Now I’ll settle back and listen to the football game, and hope for a good sleep tonight and a healthier start to tomorrow.

~18:30 1.) Though sick as a dog last night and early this morning, that did pass, thank God, and this has been a productive day. 2.) Two loads of laundry done, good social contact with neighbors and staff, renamed several video files, copied many comic book files from laptop to thumb drive, added an Amtrak app to my phone and updated my account at Amtrak.com. 2.) Now listening to the Cowboys/Bears pregame and hope to follow the game on WOAI if a t-storm doesn’t knock the station off the air.

~01:45 1.) Up with insomnia and evil – evil, I say – sinuses. This damned sinus torment may complicate my plans for later in the day. Darn it.