What WAS I thinking?!


Snippets from a “random thoughts” file kept in a text editor on my Raspberry Pi, updated regularly, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.

03 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~07:45 !.) Up after a rough night, facing what I hope will be a day of serious health improvement.

02 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~16:45 1.) Worked on a bunch of CC games and received moves from all the postal players in my new USCF tourney. 2.) Time now to quit working and get into the “relaxing” part of my day.

~15:00 1.) Just back from a quick shopping trip in the neighborhood, found A. rushing out of the elevator and T. giving me a big grin. Hmm… Can’t help but wonder what she’s been up to, but I can imagine with whom.

~14:30 1.) Just called AT&T and got some good news. I won’t have to make any changes to my phone service plan for the Indiana trip.

~13:15 1.) Quick chats with several staff members, picked up my box of vitamins, told M. that I’ll surely want to renew my lease on this apt. when it expires.

~11:00 1.) Another day of listening to Rush on the radio, rather than via downloaded podcasts later in the day.

~09:00 1.) Sinuses still bad, but not as nasty as earlier. Is yesterday’s health pattern repeating?

~07:45 1.) The early Stumpy shift was properly productive, and the transition to daytime operation around here is underway.

~05:45 1.) Last night’s sleep was better than the previous night’s, but I’m still dealing with the sinus-uglies. 2.) News about the upcoming taxmageddon is disturbing

01 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~10:15 1.) Happy to note that I’m feeling less horrible than I did through most of last night and earlier this morning. 2.) Copying comics files from laptop to thumb drive.

~07:30 1.) Waking after a restless, insomnia-haunted night with the sinuses absolutely hprrible! Darn it all, anyway. Don’t know where I picked up that sinus bug, but I sure hope it doesn’t stay long!