What WAS I thinking?!


Recent snippets from the “Random Thoughts” file I keep on DropBox and regularly upload to a public folder on Google Drive.

06 Oct. 2012 – Saturday

~20:30 1.) There appears to be weather moving in; TV reception is starting to get shaky. So I’ve got audio for the game on the radio. 2.) Sinuses are getting shaky again, too. And fatigue is starting to settle in. So I may head to bed soon.

~18:45 1.) The first two football games watched today were very exciting, both went into overtime. This third game is the one I really wanted to watch and it’s shaping up to be pretty good, too. 2.) Installed Twidge to the Debian machine, good to be using it again.

~16:15 1.) Still not 100% with the sinuses. May pick up some expectorant tomorrow afternoon when I’m out. For today I’ll stick with the original plan of laying low and drinking lots of water and herbal tea. It’s good to be recovering, but I wish the recovery was going faster.

~11:30 1.) Following football on TV sure is different from following it on the radio.

~10:30 1.) And the day’s full slate of college football games starts now, with the Navy – Air Force game.

05 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~16:00 1.) Okay, Dropbox is now installed on my Debian machine. Excellent! No longer will I have to fire up the Meerkat to use it! This is my first entry from the Debian, assuming it goes up okay.

~08:00 1.) Nearly time to turn off the radios and turn on The Blaze TV.

~06:15 1.) Last night’s 6-hour sleep was the best I’ve had since the onset of this sinus misery on Sunday night, but the recovery is still ongoing. I’m not yet back 100% so I’ll need to pace myself accordingly.