What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the “Random Thoughts” file I keep on Drop Box and upload regularly to a public folder on Google Drive.


10 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~18:00 1.) Bags are all packed. All that remains to do tomorrow is a bit of chess work, taking care of some comic book chores, some last minute shopping, and making one phone call. Other than that, I could fly out of here right now.

~14:00 1.) Man! I’d better set the alarm for 16:30 or so. Seems like I’m about to doze off and I need to pick up something from the dry cleaner’s after 17:00. 2.) Checked the Mall earlier today and decided to go with the bags I’ve got. The luggage store that used to be at the Mall is there no longer. And the only things interesting at Macy’s were too expensive.

09 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~20:00 1.) Once again I’m going to try that whole going to bed really early and waking really early with the alarm so I’ll be ready for Friday morning. Hope it works better tonight than it did last night. If not, plan B will be staying up late Thursday and taking a taxi to the airport in the middle of the night.

~17:00 1.) I’ve put my games “on vacation” for a week at two of my online chess clubs and will do so for a third either this evening or tomorrow. This’ll free up time before, during, and shortly after my trip this weekend. 2.) Am considering getting a slightly smaller carry-on bag. The one I have may be slightly too large in one dimension if measured too strictly, and I don’t want to give the possibly paranoid any reason to hassle me at the airports this weekend.

~14:45 1.) Recon trip to the airport went well, on the bus now back to the Riverwalk.

08 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~17:00 1.) After a productive enough day, I’m thinking it might be smart to go to bed early tonight. Maybe I can reset my biological clock and get used to waking really early.

07 Oct. 2012 – Sunday

~21:30 1.) Delighted at how good TV reception has been all day. Started watching games on FOX, then switched to CBS, now on NBC.

~19:15 1.) Considering how stressed I was in the early hours, this day has turned out pretty well. Collected the week’s new comics from Alien Worlds. grocery shopped at HEB, quick chat with the clerk downstairs, moved in all my server-based CC games, watched a lot of NFL (pleased at how good the TV reception has been), did some prepacking for the trip later this week, and bagged and boarded this week’s new comics. So it’s been a productive Sunday.

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