What WAS I thinking?!

A snippet of recent entries to a “random thoughts” file I keep on Drop Box and regularly share to a public folder on Google Drive.


14 Oct. 2012 – Sunday

~18:30 1.) Am tempted to try and stay up for tonight’s Packers/Texans game, even though the Sandman may come and carry me away before it’s over. Heck, who am I kidding? He may even show up before the game starts.

~17:00 2.) Back home now for a few hours from spending a very busy, fun weekend in Indiana for Stasha and Andre’s wedding. Watching NFL on TV, but so tired I’d probably fall right asleep if I let myself. 2.) Really disappointed by how poorly I was able to access the Internet while I was away from home this weekend.

~05:30 1.) Waiting at the airport for my flight out of Ft. Wayne. Into on my boarding pass differs a bit from what is showing on the screens here. Hope that won’t cause NY problems.

13 Oct. 2012 – Saturday

~11;30 1.) Am at the church early for Stasha’s wedding.

12 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~17:07 1.) Here in Ft. Wayne, less than an hour away from my part in Stasha’s Wedding Weekend to begin. I should have arrived a day earlier. That would have made things easier for me. Ah well, live and learn.

11 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~15:00 1.) All required pre-trip chores are now done, the Debian machines are turned off until I return (hopefully) on Sunday, and in just a few minutes the Merkat will go down, too. Some light snacking, TV watching, and reading will be followed by an early bedtime. Then I’ll be up early tomorrow and on my way to the airport. 2.) All Internet access until I return will be via my Android phone and the Nexus 7, that should be interesting. 🙂