What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the random thoughts file I keep on Drop box, update daily, and upload regularly to a public folder on Google Drive.


19 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~22:30 1.) Home from the concert. Absolutely loved it! 2.) Sure were a lot of folks out on bicycles tonight, some of them racing recklessly through traffic, some families with little kids. Wonder WTF was up with that?!

~17:30 1.) Two hours from now I’ll be headed out the door on my way to the Majestic Theatre for my first classical music concert of the season. It’s actually the Symphony’s second, but I had to miss that first one with my allergies acting up. So I find myself in pre-concert mode.

18 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~17:45 1.) The weather has been SO nice! Windows have been open with screens in place, the a/c has been off, and a nice cross breeze had fresh air flowing through this joint most of the day. But now the Thursday night music’s started up in the park across the street and, if past performance is any guide, it’ll be going on until 22:00 or so. So I’ve shut my windows to blunt the noise. 2.) Got the package mailed out, accomplished a fair amount of chess work, and shrunk the Windows 7 volume of the little netbook that arrived today, making room for whichever Linux distro I decide to load onto it, and turning it into a traveling companion for my 2013 vacations. 3.) After watching a bit of TV I’ll relax withg some reading until the Sandman shows up.

~15:00 1.) The day’s actually been pretty productive so far, but I haven’t shipped the granddaughter’s package yet, nor done any reading, nor hardly any chess work. Must get to those soon before I can even think about relaxing.

17 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~21:00 1.) Eyes are getting tired and so am I. Hope the neighbors’ partying doesn’t scare the Sandman away.

~19:00 1.) It’s been a very good day, I’m happy to say. Am slowly catching up on the current TV shows I follow via Hulu. Plans are to watch a little anime before heading to bed with the Kindle. I’ve lots of reading to catch up with, too.

16 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~19:00 1.) Headed to bed with the Kindle. Hope the Sandman treats me right tonight.

~15:15 1.) I wonder where I’ve stashed away my birth certificate? I KNOW it’s around here somewhere! Needing it for my passport application.