What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on my RaspberryPi, update regularly, and update to a public folder on Google Drive.


26 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~11:00 1.) Rainy weather is happening. Lots of lightning has me thinking it’d be a good idea to shut down the debian boxes. So I shall.

~07:45 1.) Have been thinking about taking a local (in-state) megabus trip.

~05:45 1.) A better night’s sleep, a productive Stumpy shift, this Friday’s off to a better start than yesterday.

25 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~16:00 1.) In terms of productivity, this has certainly not been a day to be proud of.

24 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~Noon:30 1.) K. was right: she DID put a lot of meat on the sandwiches today. Man! A bowl of soup and one sandwich SO filled me up! What a lunch!

~10:00 1.) Wish I knew for sure A.’s current address. Sending him duplicate mailings is something of a pain. 2.) This is another day with the a/c off, windows open, and a breeze blowing through. Love it!

~06:30 1.) Another good start to a day following a good, solid, restful sleep. The Stumpy shift was properly productive and movement through the chores proceeds smoothly.

23 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~09:45 1.) Moving slowly and carefully through the day’s chores, determined to reach some decent level of productivity without breaking anything. 2.) Hoping for a nap sometime soon.

~08:30 1.) Darned mystery noise woke me at 01:15 in the morning and I never was able to get back to sleep. 2.) Glad I got caught up on all my chess games yesterday, the fog from last night’s drastically shortened sleep will certainly have a negative effect on my mental acuity today.

22 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~07:45 1.) Following a good, solid sleep, the morning’s Stumpy shift was short but properly productive. And movement through the morning’s chores continues smoothly.