What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update regularly, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


28 Oct. 2012 – Sunday

~15:00 1.) Despite last night’s short sleep, this is turning out to be a productive day. 2.) Two nice chats with K downstairs. I swear, if she was a bit older and I was a bit younger…

27 Oct. 2012 – Saturday

~23:00 1.) Home from the ballet, glad I went. Hope I can relax my way into a sleep pretty soon.

~17:30 1.) While waiting for tonight’s ballet, I’ve actually had a decently productive day: got some reading done, followed a lot of football, did some shopping in the neighborhood, had a fair amount of social contact, worked on a lot of CC games, and got some house-cleaning done. If I can just keep up this momentum for a few more hours…

26 Oct. 2012 – Friday

~16:30 1.) Perhaps a horror movie slipped into the DVD player would be a good idea right about now. And some anime to follow that, and a Spurs game on the radio to finish off the evening.

~15:00 1.) My woman barber this afternoon at Matador’s was a mumbler and low-talker; I kept having to ask her to repeat her questions. Despite that, she was a very fast worker and gave me the best haircut I’ve gotten recently.

25 Oct. 2012 – Thursday

~20:00 1.) Despite its very rocky start, the day has been relatively productive. There is some satisfaction in that.