What WAS I thinking?!

The final entries to my RaspberryPi’s Random Thoughts file for the month of October 2012 have now been uploaded to the public folder on Google Drive where these things are stored. It should be pointed out that, as opposed to the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, the RPi’s entries are made almost exclusively during the earlier to middle hours of my days.


31 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~13:30 1.) Most of the work I’d planned for today has already been accomplished; the rest of the day will be as easy as coasting downhill.

~07:00 1.) A productive 1st work shift of the day found me on both Stumpy and the Meerkat, getting things done. 2.) Main chores of the day are set. It’s going to be a full one.

30 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~09:30 1.) Pacing. Important to be realistic about scheduling work for the rest of the day: don’t want to push too hard, don’t want to set too low a bar.

~06:00 1.) The Stumpy workshift was properly productive. Could have done more, but… eh, it was okay.

29 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~14:00 1.) Sure is a beautiful day going on outside my windows. 2.) Sure am glad I’m here and nout over on the East Coast in the path of that Frankenstorm!

28 Oct. 2012 – Sunday

~08:15 1.) After a shorter than optimal sleep, I woke in a relatively timely manner and had a Stumpy shift that was productive in surprising ways. Interesting. I wonder if the rest of this day will develop similarly.

27 Oct. 2012 – Saturday

~10:15 1.) Listening to pregame broadcast of today’s early Longhorns game, relaxed, looking forward to an enjoyable Saturday.

~08:30 1.) Am having a good morning. After a long, restful sleep, the Stumpy shift has been productive and continues at a relaxing pace.