What WAS I thinking?!

The following snippets are the last posted to the October 2012 Random Thoughts file kept on Drop Box and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive. It should be pointed out that these Drop Box Random Thoughts are usually posted in the later part of my day, unlike the RPi’s which are usually posted in the days’ earlier hours.


31 Oct. 2012 – Wednesday

~18:30 1.) Interesting pattern my recent days have assumed: most of the productivity is taken care of in the morning hours, regular chores happen in the early afternoon (usually), and the evenings find me getting into a serious relaxation/entertainment mode. This seems to be working very well.

30 Oct. 2012 – Tuesday

~18:30 1.) After a productive enough day, one with more social activity than I’d planned, I’m starting to fade. Think I’ll relax with a scary show of some kind, maybe a little anime, and then reading while waiting for the Sandman to arrive.

29 Oct. 2012 – Monday

~15:30 1.) It was just pointed out to me that this is a day of the Full Moon. That certainly explains a lot!