What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on my Raspberry Pi, update during the early part of my days, and upload regularly to a public folder on Google Drive.


09 Nov. 2012 – Friday

~11:30 1.) Trimming down my goals for today and tomorrow. I won’t do as much as I’d hoped a few days ago, but what I’ll do I’ll do well. And at the end of it I’ll have a sense of satisfaction.

~09:15 1.) After a short, segmented sleep I’m trying to work through the early part of this day with a rather significant headache. Bummer, that.

08 Nov. 2012 – Thursday

~10:15 1.) Another beautiful day outside that I hope to enjoy more than I did yesterday’s. Going to be very busy.

07 Nov. 2012 – Wednesday

~11:00 1.) Bright, sunny skies with temps. moving up into the mid-80s. This beautiful weather is something to be thankful for!!!

~07:15 1.) A short night’s sleep, and major disappointment re: yesterday’s election.

06 Nov. 2012 – Tuesday

~11:30 1.) I voted, and was glad there wasn’t much of a line ahead of me. Beautiful day. Happy.

~05:30 1.) So today is Election Day; I’m looking forward to casting my vote.

05 Nov. 2012 – Monday

~10:45 1.) In spite of a constant, nagging, sinus headache, I’ve soldiered through the morning’s chores and am now headed out to catch a bus bound for my favorite Walmart. Progress.

~09:00 1.) Waking late from a long, dream-filled sleep has helped order the priorities of this day’s chores.