A CC Win By Resignation

This server-based Correspondence Chess game began in late August and ended yesterday when my opponent playing Black resigned after my 34.c7, giving me the win with the White pieces. He was right to resign; I was only one move away from promoting that c7 pawn to a Queen and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. My army, already much larger than his, would then have been able to force checkmate in short order.

The position of pieces at game’s end and our full move record:


1.Nf3 d6 2.h3 h6 3.d4 e6 4.e4 a6 5.Bd3 Nc6 6.O-O Nf6 7.a3 d5 8.exd5 Nxd5 9.c4 Nf6 10.b4 Nxd4 11.Ne5 Qe7 12.Bb2 Bd7 13.Bxd4 O-O-O 14.Bc5 Qe8 15.Nxd7 Rxd7 16.Qf3 c6 17.Bxf8 Qxf8 18.Nc3 Qe7 19.b5 Qd6 20.bxc6 bxc6 21.Rfd1 Rhd8 22.Na4 Qc7 23.Rab1 Rd6 24.c5 Rd4 25.Bxa6+ Kd7 26.Rxd4+ Ke7 27.Rxd8 Qxd8 28.Rb7+ Kf8 29.Kh2 Qa5 30.Qxc6 Kg8 31.Qb5 Qd2 32.c6 Qxf2 33.Rb8+ Kh7 34.c7