What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during the later part of my days, and upload regularly to a public folder on Google Drive.


18 Nov. 2012 – Sunday

~17:50 1.) Glad I made it to Mass today. There was a K of C recruiting drive, I talked to a District Officer and picked up a membership form. Hope I can be reinstated as a 3rd Degree! 2.) Glad to hear from S today, glad she and A have received the things I’ve sent.

17 Nov. 2012 – Saturday

~20:00 1.) Listening to the Spurs/Nuggets game, reflecting on the fact that this has been a pretty good day. I’ve kept focus on the tasks I’d set for myself, and things have worked out pretty well.

16 Nov. 2012 – Friday

~18:15 1.) Health-wise I’m still not 100%, but I’ve gotten quite a bit done today and I think I’m good enough to go to tonight’s concert. Gonna give it a try. Just hope I don’t pick up any new bugs there. Last week there a few folks with really bad coughs in the audience, one of them sitting right across the aisle from me.

15 Nov. 2012 – Thursday

~22:00 1.) Bummed that the Spurs lost tonight. Also bummed that I still haven’t shaken whatever bug is on me at the moment. No way will I make it to tomorrow’s concert unless I’m much better than I’ve been today. 2.) But on the bright side, I did finish reading The Mongoliad: Book Two tonight.

~19:15 1.) For this being mostly a stay-at-home day, I sure managed to spend a lot of money. Ordered a Chromebook, renewed my EIB membership for another year, and bought a big lunch from one of the food trucks across the street. 2.) Healthwise, I’m still fighting that bug that caught me yesterday. Hope I’m better tomorrow.