After 2 1/2 Months, A Rook-Rook Checkmate

This server-based Fischer Random correspondence chess game began in late August and ended this morning when my two White Rooks checkmated the Black King.

The opening board we were assigned, our full move record, and position of pieces at game’s end:


1.Nhg3 g6 2.Ne3 c5 3.c4 Ne6 4.O-O Bc7 5.b3 Be5 6.Bb2 Bxb2 7.Qxb2 Nd4 8.Nd5 f5 9.e3 e6 10.Nf6+ Kf7 11.Nxg8 Kxg8 12.exd4 b6 13.dxc5 bxc5 14.Bf3 Bb7 15.Bxb7 Qxb7 16.d4 Rc8 17.Ne2 Nf7 18.h4 d6 19.d5 exd5 20.cxd5 Qxd5 21.Nf4 Qe4 22.g3 Ne5 23.Qe2 Nf3+ 24.Kg2 Nxh4+ 25.Kh3 Qxe2 26.Nxe2 Nf3 27.Kg2 Ng5 28.Rfd1 Rd8 29.Nf4 Kg7 30.Re1 Rd7 31.Ne6+ Nxe6 32.Rxe6 h5 33.Rae1 Kh6 34.Re7 Rd8 35.R1e6 a5 36.Ra7 d5 37.f4 d4 38.Ree7 Rh8 39.Rxa5 d3 40.Rxc5 Rd8 41.Rcc7 g5 42.Rh7+ Kg6 43.Rhd7 Rg8 44.Rc6#