What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during the later part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


22 Nov. 2012 – Thursday

~17:15 1.) What I said earlier about the Cowboys maybe NOT losing their game today? Forget about that. At half-time they trail 28-3 and are playing so poorly. I’ve turned off the game. Surely I can find something better to do with my Thanksgiving evening than waste it following such a lousy football team. Yuk!

~16:15 1.) Thanksgiving has gone very well for me! After watching the parade coverage on TV and eating an early turkey meal, I got to work as the Houston/Detroit NFL game got underway. It took me a few hours, but the big bookcase is now assembled and the shelves are loaded. Furniture has been rearranged and there’s now more floor space available. And the Cowboys are leading the Redskins early in their game. Will they be able to NOT lose for the second week in a row? We’ll see.

21 Nov. 2012 – Wednesday

~18:30 1.) And another successful day is wrapping up with a listen to the Spurs/Celtics game as I recode video files. 2.) Was nice to get a compliment on my little Christmas trees this afternoon.

20 Nov. 2012 – Tuesday

~21:00 1.) The 2nd half of the day went well. Early in the eventing I learned the big bookcase has arrived in San Antonio. It should be delivered tomorrow. I expect its assembly will last into Thursday. Then loading it with books, probably into Friday. By this time next week the back room will be much more usable.

19 Nov. 2012 – Monday

~16:00 1.) It’s been another successful day: have accomplished all major goals, told T about the big pkg I’m expecting & asked him to warn M, mailed postal CC cards, and mailed completed form, etc. to CR, c/o in back room. treated myself to a BBQ lunch from Bill Millers, and caught an ep. of Fringe. 2.) Hope the Spurs play well tonight against the Clippers, expecting a very tough game.