What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update in the later part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


27 Nov. 2012 – Tuesday

~19:00 1.) Another productive day, one which started very early after a short sleep and looks like it’s going to be ending early, too. Hopefully, the Sandman will bring me a good sleep tonight. Lord knows I’m due for one! 2.) Interesting that of all my computers, the little Chromebook gives me the best hulu+ reception.

26 Nov. 2012 – Monday

~17:45 1.) About the best thing I can say about today is that I haven’t broken anything, yet. Considering the level of fatigue that’s been on me since waking early from a too short sleep, that’s saying something. 2.) Ready to follow an early Spurs game. Hope I can stay awake.

25 Nov. 2012 – Sunday

~21:00 1.) Whew! The Baroque concert at the Cathedral was VERY nice! And it caps of a 10-day stretch of time that’s been VERY busy for me. So now maybe things’ll slow down a bit and I can attend more to my regular chores… until the K of C thing picks up, which could happen at any time now, I suppose, and which may dominate a large part of my schedule well into the foreseeable future when it does.

24 Nov. 2012 – Saturday

~18:00 1.) Woh! Suddenly swamped by an awesome wave of fatigue. 1.) The day has been productive; all major goals accomplished. Postal chess moves sent, Chromebook now “successfully” linked to bigger monitor in back room, new comics picked up from AW, dinner from Whataburger, grocery shopping at HEB, good contact with neighbors. And now the Aggies game is just starting. Yes!

23 Nov. 2012 – Friday

~21:30 1.) Glad I made it to the ballet tonight. The Nutcracker was simply delightful! 2.) Made it home in time to catch the last few seconds of the Spurs win over the Pacers. Yes! 3.) Man! I’d forgotten just how big of a deal the Christmas River Parade is. Don’t know when it was supposed to end, but there’s still one heck of a lot of it going on! Man! The crowds! The noise! Wonder when the heck I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight. I’m sleepy enough now, but the noise!