Retrovirus, one darned good graphic novel.

I’ve been a fan of the Gray and Palmiotti writing team for many years; so when I saw this book solicited earlier this year in an issue of Previews, my attention was drawn to it. And when I read the book’s summary in that catalog, I knew right away I wanted it.

This evening I finally read it and… WOW! I’m SO glad it’s in my collection!


Retrovirus, the 64-page hardcover graphic novel written by the team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, featuring interior art by Norberto Fernandez, cover art by Amanda Connor, and recently published by Image Comics, comes with the following description provided by the publisher:

When Zoe, a brilliant young scientist who specializes in identifying extinct viruses, is offered a job at a remote research facility in Antarctica, she soon discovers her employer has unearthed a perfectly preserved Neanderthal. That is only one of the many dark secrets lurking at the facility as Zoe races against time to stop a global pandemic.

This is a work that just cries out for expansion and film adaptation!

Unconsciously muttering – I say:: … and you think.

Playing week 515 of the popular, long-running, word association meme. 🙂

I say :: … and you think.

  1. Complications :: … troubles
  2. Bell :: … alarm
  3. Sunshine :: … blue skies
  4. Laundry :: … chore
  5. Grumpy :: … Dwarf (one of Snow White’s seven)
  6. Throat :: … sore
  7. Vitamin :: … pills, supplements
  8. Tell :: … William
  9. Potent :: … powerful
  10. Radio :: … broadcast