What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep in Drop Box, update during the later part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


10 Dec. 2012 – Monday

~17:00 1.) Much of Google has been wonky today, the Chrome browser crashed a number of times, Google Plus was unavailable at times, the same with Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube. The spotty service was pretty universal: it seemed to hit everyone. Hopefully it’s all fixed now. 2.) Did a lot of closet cleaning and reorganizing in the back room. More yet to do on that front. 3.) Hope the Spurs play well tonight against the Rockets.

09 Dec. 2012 – Sunday

~17:00 1.) Across the hall neighbor (the quiet one) is moving out today. Wonder who’s going to move in behind him. Hope it’s someone equally as quiet. 2.) Mighty proud of my Cowboys right now. Hard to believe they beat the Bengals this afternoon.

08 Dec. 2012 – Saturday

~19:00 1.) And another evening of bumper-to-bumper traffic on Market Street below my windows. Can’t figure out why. 2.) So I’m starting to drink green tea. Tonight is my first cup but I hope to build up to at least 2 or 3 cups per day. It seems to be pretty popular and folks say it brings lots of health benefits. We’ll see about that.