What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on my Raspberry Pi, update during the early part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


13 Dec. 2012 – Thursday

~09:00 1.) The “Holiday Fun” Channel streaming through my Roku Box, when set to any one of the many music options, runs the most delightful animated screensaver.

~08:00 1.) Woke at 04:30 after a 6.5-hour sleep with more soreness than usual. This is attributed to all the physical work done yesterday. Glad to note now that most of that soreness has faded away. 2.) Main emphasis today shall be placed on three Cs: Chess work, Comic book work, and Cleaning.

12 Dec. 2012 – Wednesday

~12:30 1.) And the new bookcase has arrived! Huzzah! Now to unpack and assemble it, then fill the shelves and… enjoy! Falalala…

~08:30 1.) This will be a significant day for me in terms of home improvement. The new bookcase now on a UPS delivery truck and coming to me today is going to radically improve how this joint is organized. Yes, I’m pretty excited about that.

11 Dec. 2012 – Tuesday

~07:30 1.) A pretty day outside, but a busy one. Trucks are delivering construction material to a staging area behind my hotel. I understand the owner is planning some major addition to the penthouse. He’s having a big crane move in to hoist the stuff up to the roof, but the city won’t let him block the street (The crane is so huge it’ll block the street when it’s moved into position.) until after 11:00 PM. We’ve been warned that things may be a bit noisy then on the South side of the building. Glad my rooms are on the North side. Heh.