Clouds in your coffee? – comic book art from Creepy #10.

Do you ever notice clouds in your coffee, the little swirls of steam that can float over the surface of a freshly poured cup? I do, sometimes. But I’ve never seen anything like that mass of horror ominously eminating from the cup held by the old man pictured below.

clouds in your coffee?

This work of art is the first thing we see when opening the cover of Creepy #10, the October 2012 issue which carries the following description from its publisher, Dark Horse Comics:

In honor of the greatest horror writer of them all, Uncle Creepy presents an all-Lovecraft special. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Leading off with the twist-filled conclusion to Doug Moench and Kelley Jones’s mind-blowing “The Lurking Fate That Came to Lovecraft,” this issue also includes takes on the master from the teams of John Arcudi/Richard Corben and Matt Weinhold/Darick Robertson, a classic reprint of “The Rats in the Walls,” and a variety of other Lovecraft-inspired features! For once even Uncle Creepy is scared!

The Frontispiece by Troy Nixey, from Creepy #10.