What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on my Raspberry Pi, update during the early part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


20 Dec. 2012 – Thursday

~11:15 1.) Productivity continues at a pretty good pace in here, and there seems to be some pretty strong gusts of wind outside, if the trees I see out my windows are any indication.

~08:00 1.) Another step taken in the reorganization of this joint’s workflow: the debian computer is now located in the back room where its work of cataloging my comic book collection will be done from now on.

19 Dec. 2012 – Wednesday

~10:45 1.) This has been another late-starting morning. The sleep that preceded it was uneven but dream-filled, with lucid dreaming toward the end. However, it’s also been a productive morning with quite a bit of furniture moving, etc.

18 Dec. 2012 – Tuesday

~12:30 1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep was much more segmented than usual. The 1st came from 22:00 to 03:30, and the 2nd from 05:30 to 08:00. Both segments contained detailed dreams: that in the first was a classic dream, while that in the second was extremely lucid. 2.) The later than usual wake time has found me working through the morning’s chores much later than I usually do, but work through them I did. 3.) Last of this year’s Christmas cards was mailed out today, hopefully in time to reach A. before the 25th.