A boxful of work

Seen here is one boxful of work that I’d just carted up from the basement office where UPS makes its deliveries for those of us who live here at the hotel, leaning against the wall by my front door early on Friday afternoon.

This box on a cart by my door...

It didn’t take me long (a few pleasant hours, actually) to assemble the two stackable storage units that had been shipped to me in the box, to position the units in my back room next to the two already there, and to load the shelves with DVDs and the few VHS tapes I still have. This, by the way, is only one step toward completion of the larger project: organizing this joint into both a more comfortable living space and a more efficient work space. We’re still a few months away from having things the way I want, but the progress already made is remarkable.

And this picture itself is part of a side project, the creation of my dilodec12 photoset: my small contribution to the large Day In the Life Of photo-sharing project.