What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during the later parts of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


24 Dec. 2012 – Monday

~15:30 1.) So when I paid for my allergy meds earlier today, the girl behind the counter and I were talking vabout the awesome severity of this year’s cedar fever season. She told me that the pollen count had been hovering at approx. 200, but as soon as this current cold front moved in a few days ago, the count immediately jumped up to 4.000. Today is supposed to be the worst day, according to the charts I’ve been seeing, with things becoming slightly less awful as the week progresses. Thank God for sinus meds, I say! 2.) Despite the zombiefied state resulting from mega-dosing the allergy meds, I have been able to complete all the scheduled chores of the day. And that’s good.

23 Dec. 2012 – Sunday

~20:15 1.) Sicker with this damned cedar than I’ve ever been! Damn! I’m almost thinking there’s some kind of sinus infection going on on top of it. But, probably not. When I’ve been out yesterday and today I’ve heard other folks with exactly, EXACTLY my cough. It’s the cedar. Or maybe they’ve got my sinus bug, too. Whatever. 2.) Sportswise, things have gone well for my teams this weekend, and there’s satisfacion in that. 3.)Tomorrow UPS should deliver a 50 ft. length of LAN cable to me. Hope the girls in the office downstairs keep working late enough to receive it. It’s not critical that I have it tomorrow, but it would make working in the back room with my comics more efficient.

22 Dec. 2012 – Saturday

~17:30 1.) Man! The cedar started hitting me in a big way today! Judging by posts on the Internet, I’m not alone. Lots of folks in town are sick, too. 2.) Picked up $85.00 in new comics from Alien Worlds today. That’s the biggest weekly haul I’ve made in a while. Now to get busy reading the three short boxes full of unread books.