What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on the Raspberry Pi, upload during the early parts of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


09 Jan. 2013 – Wednesday

1.) Enjoyable parts of my mornings are those moments when I can sense the brain engaging a higher level of mental acuity. It’s like driving a truck and shifting gears up from the very lowest, through the intermediates, to a higher gear that lets me move through the day’s chores at a comfortable, easy speed.

1.) A 7-hour sleep came last night and brought a pair of detailed dreams that were rather uncomfortable in their content. They weren’t quite nightmares, but they weren’t enjoyable as most of my recent have been.
2.) And the second day of our two-day rainy stretch is underway. A steady rain is falling on the streets and river beyond my windows. Glad I don’t have to be out in that.
3.) Local radio keeps reporting road closures due to flooding, and threatening heavier storms on their way.

08 Jan. 2013 – Tuesday

1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep was neatly divided into two 4-hour segments. And each segment had its own detailed, entertaining dream.
2.) Have successfully added the cmatrix program to the RPi. Shall now explore some of its optional settings.

07 Jan. 2013 – Monday

1.) Another late waking from another good, long sleep. The Sandman brought me nine restful hours last night, from 22:30 to 07:30, and he included an entertaining dream in the mix. Productivity has been good so far this morning and, hopefully, it’ll continue to be good through the rest of the day.
2.) Current thinking is that I’ll follow tonight’s Spurs game rather than the BCS Championship game.