My first book completed in 2013 is an audio book.

The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent is a science fiction novel written in 1915 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and was originally published under the title Beyond Thirty. Having read many of this author’s books as a boy, and having recently reread his first three John Carter of Mars novels, I expected to find this an exciting, well-paced adventure story. I wasn’t disappointed.

Adding to the enjoyment of listening to this recording is the delightful voice of the reader, an Australian girl. Her enunciation is crisp and clear and her accent, reminding me of a woman from Oz I used to know, is more than a little heart-warming.

The following summary from Wikipedia:

The novel, set in the year 2137, was heavily influenced by the events of World War I. In the future world depicted in the novel, Europe has descended into barbarism while an isolationist Western Hemisphere remains sheltered from the destruction. The title Beyond Thirty refers to the degree of longitude that inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere are forbidden to pass.

What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on the Raspberry Pi, updated during the early parts of my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.

13 Jan. 2013 – Sunday

1.) Very glad I made it to Mass today! (Hope I didn’t recatch the flu there.)

1.) Last night’s sleep was good: 7.5-hours with an entertaining dream. And the early part of my morning has been productive, though at times it’s seemed to be controlled by a slightly malfunctioning autopilot.

12 Jan. 2013 – Saturday

1.) Man! It’s getting darker and darker out there! Sure hope it doesn’t rain on me while I’m out picking up the new comic books.

1.) Though I didn’t get to bed until much later than is my norm, the Sandman brought me a nice dream and woke me early. And though last night’s sleep was short, it’s good to have the habit of early waking still strong. Maybe some siesta time sometime today will help keep me productive and on a good schedule.

11 Jan. 2013 – Friday

1.) I should file this under “one thing leads to another.” As a result of some semblence of health returning, after recovering from the double hit from the cedar and the flu, my appetite is back. So I’ve started eating more. So I’ve started gaining weight. To combat the weight gain I’m starting to ease back into a workout regimen – very slowly, but easing back nonetheless. Today I’ve already spent some time with the stepper, and will probably spend more time with it later today. Light cardio, yes. And I’m eyeing the dumbbells and bench.

1.) The Sandman treated me well last night, bringing me a restful 9-hour sleep complete with two vivid, entertaining dreams.
2.) The early morning hours have been pretty productive. If I can keep this pace, the day will be a good one.
3.) The nature of today’s chores will have me in the front room more than the back room, I think.

10 Jan. 2013 – Thursday

1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep, from 21:30 to 05:30 was moderately restful and included another detailed dream that was more frustrating than fun.
2.) Responding to the current hubbub being raised by our Socialist POTUS re: his proposed gun grabbing initiative, I’ve rejoined the NRA. This morning I sent the NRA funds for my 2013 year’s membership dues. This, along with my continuing membership in GOA, is my financial support for those groups defending my 2nd Amendment rights.