3 thoughts on “Re: My Turning Sixty-Four Today

  1. When they released that song, did you have any idea what 64 would be like? Being only a year-and-a-half behind you, other than some loss of flexibility, and some dimming of the eyesight and some hearing-loss, I’m personally pleased. How about you?

  2. No, Steve, when I first heard that song I really had no clue what 64 would be like.

    All things considered, I’m very satisfied with both my current station in life and how I’m dealing with things. Oh sure, there are things that I used to do, and enjoyed, that I’ll never be able to do again. But I have the clear memory of them, and a full plate of current activities that both challenge and invigorate. And I look forward to the future with joyful anticipation.

    I’ve got this Beatles album on my hard drive, J Riley, and I’ll probably give it a good listen later today – if I have time. 😀

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