What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on the Raspberry Pi, updated during the early parts of my days, and uploaded to a public folder in Google Docs.


30 Jan. 2013 – Wednesday

1.) Ah, excellent! I get to keep my radio tuned to a favorite local talk-station. They’ve just announced that today’s “Talk With The Mayor” segment has been cancelled. This is a weekly segment I absolutely hate, and when it comes on I always turn off the radio. Our mayor is a lousy little communist, just like the current POTUS, and I refuse to waste my time listening to his mind-polluting words.

1.) Happily noting that last night brought another long sleep, 8.5-hours from 21:30 to 06:00, and dreaming that became lucid near the time I woke.
2.) Last night’s news of the new “highly contagious” stomach flu making the rounds will have me limiting my contact with other humans beyond what is necessary.

29 Jan. 2013 – Tuesday

1.) The search for my missing package ended at my first stop. The mailman did indeed deliver it to the office down in the basement where he was supposed to. It was there waiting for me when I went down to check a few minutes ago. Usually the girls down there notify me as soon as something arrives. Don’t know why they didn’t do that yesterday.

1.) I am happy to note that last night brought a good 8-hour sleep and a detailed, entertaining dream. Two nights in a row for this, and I hope it continues.

1.) Dang it! FedEx messed with a delivery to me last week, and UPS did it to me the week before, now it’s the Post Office. According to USPS tracking, my package was delivered yesterday at 3:16PM. BUT, I never received it! Dang it! Now I’ve got to track down another mistake by a delivery outfit. This is getting VERY tiresome!

28 Jan. 2013 – Monday

1.) A good, long, dream-filled sleep last night: 9 hours, from 21:30 to 06:30. Whew! Hopefully this will continue.
2.) I notice several locals commenting on twitter about nasty allergy symptoms this morning. I’ll have to be careful and treat mine before they get out of hand.