What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on my Raspberry Pi, updated during the early parts of my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.


06 Feb. 2013 – Wednesday

1.) A dark, rainy day is in progress outside. Glad I got so much of my outside work done yesterday.
2.) It’s taking the Meerkat one heck of a long time to download and install this current batch of software updates.

05 Feb. 2013 – Tuesday

1.) Have decided that a high priority for the remainder of the week will be having fun.

1.) In bits and pieces, that’s how last night’s sleep came. It took nearly 11 hours for my 7 hours of sleep to arrive, coming in several chunks as small as one hour and none larger than three hours. There was a fair amount of dreaming included in all that, and I’m rested after waking, so I’m not complaining, just noting.

04 Feb. 2013 – Monday

1.) Dang! Someone turn off that darned, defective car alarm!

1.) A better sleep last night, and determined to make this a good day, a good start to the week. Shall focus on the basics: laundry, cleaning, organizing, maybe a strength w/o, some reading, TV/movie watching, etc.