What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on my Raspberry Pi, updated during the early parts of my days, then uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.


10 Feb. 2013 – Sunday

1.) Last night’s was not a sleep to be proud of. It came late and didn’t last long. That notwithstanding, I’m determined to make this a good day! First major task will be visiting a bake sale put on by the ladies next to the Cathedral. I’m confident that I’ll find something tasty there to bring home.

09 Feb. 2013 – Saturday

1.) Just noticed that the police have now blocked off THREE lanes of Market Street, now filled with cars for that funeral. This leaves only one lane open for all other traffic: buses, cars, trucks, etc. I’ve never seen this done before!

1.) Last night’s segmented 6-hour sleep could have been longer, but at least it woke me early enough to to allow a good start on the day’s busy task list.
2.) Looks like a big funeral Mass at the Cathedral this morning. Police have blocked off two lanes of Market Street below my windows, and those lanes are filling up with cars for the funeral procession.

08 Feb. 2013 – Friday

1.) A familiar sleep pattern seems to be returning. Last night’s was very segmented: the first 4-hour segment, from 21:00 to 01:00, was solid and deep; the second 4-hour segment, from 04:00 to 08:00, was lighter and more dream-filled. Together the segments brought me a total of 8 hours, which is enough to get me through the day, and I was able to occupy myself productively during the time between them. So I shouldn’t complain.

07 Feb. 2013 – Thursday

1.) Back from the meeting which lasted a bit longer than I expected, but which was informative and, all things considered, went well.

1.) Last night’s wasn’t a sleep to be particularly proud of. Six hours long, from Midnight to 06:00, only the first three hours were actual sleep. The next three hours were light off and on dozing with a lot of lucid dreaming.
2.) Later this morning I’m to meet with a K of C Insurance man. I’m not looking forward to this meeting, but at least when it’s over I won’t have to deal with that part of the business any more.