What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during the later part of my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


11 Feb. 2013 – Monday

1.) Another strangely productive day. Strange in the sense that I didn’t accomplish the items on my daily task list, but productive in the sense that I did take care of some things that needed taken care of.
2.) And tonight the Spurs play the Bulls without our big three. Tim, Tony, and Manu are all out injured. This is scary!

10 Feb. 2013 – Sunday

1.) Listening to the Spurs pregame show, disappointed that Tim and Manu won’t be playing AGAIN, and hoping I’ll be able to stay awake for the whole game.

09 Feb. 2013 – Saturday

1.) It’s a good thing I enjoy laughing at myself! For the last several days I’ve been scheduling activities so that I could attend the big Mardi Gras party at La Villita on Sunday afternoon. Music, food, beer, etc. But, heralded by the River Parade floating by my windows just a few minutes ago, I realize the party is THIS afternoon, not tomorrow. Ha! Oh well, the weather is lousy today, and I’d not enjoy being out in the cold drizzle. So I’ll just stick to the schedule I’ve set for myself anyway. And maybe I can find some other activity tomorrow afternoon to enjoy.

08 Feb. 2013 – Friday

1.) It’s been a busy day, but not busy enough. There are some chores I’d hoped to take care of that’ll have to be carried over to tomorrow, darn it. That’s going to make for a very busy Saturday.
2.) Symphony concert tonight was excellent! Glad I decided to go rather than stay home to work on those chores.