Shelby sings

My youngest granddaughter publicly posted a clip a few days ago to Google Plus of her covering a Rihanna song. So I guess it’s okay for me to repost it here. Though I’m not at all familiar with Rihanna, I do enjoy hearing Shelby sing.

4 thoughts on “Shelby sings

  1. The vpcalizing was superb. But what I really liked was the way she dubbed images of herself onto the split screen and added images as she dubbed her own harmonization and backup. That was truly creative. What a treat.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Cindy and Steve. I’m usually very slow to post any information at all about family and friends, respecting their privacy and independence as much as I expect them to respect mine. But when they post photos, video clips, etc. publicly, sometimes I can’t resist sharing.

    Oh, and thanks for emailing me pictures over recent weeks, Steve! Mighty nice to see them! 😀

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