What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on my Raspbarry Pi, updated during the early parts of my days, then uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.


27 Feb. 2013 – Wednesday

1.) Another very segmented sleep came last night, and it brought me 7.5 hours of sleep in total, and a lot of vivid, sometimes lucid dreams. During the period of wakefulness between sleep segments I was even able to get some work done.
2.) Moving smoothly through the day’s chores – no complaints… yet.

26 Feb. 2013 – Tuesday

1.) Much of the morning has been spent cancelling my Spotify account and removing all its clients from my different computers. This will save me ~$10.00 per month. Together, my Last.fm and Pandora cost no more than Spotify did all by itself, and they provide me with all the streaming music service I need. And I’ve been adding and activating the Pandora clients everywhere Spotify used to be.

25 Feb. 2013 – Monday

1.) So the Sandman brought me a solid six hours of sleep last night from 22:00 to 04:00. More would have been nice, but I can usually make it through the day with that.
2.) Hopefully I’ll be able to catalog that big stack of comic books sitting on the corner of my back room work table. That chore will probably dominate the middle part of this day.