What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update periodically throughout the day, and upload to a public folder on Google Drivs.


12 Mar 2013 – Tuesday

1.) Another productive day, today. Two loads of laundry done today, lots of social contact, cleaned and organized in the back room, a big rolling briefcase ordered: all things that needed doing.
2.) And there’s a Spurs game against the T’wolves tonight. Both teams are playing short-handed, lots of starters out injured, shouid be interesting.

1.) Last night’s restful 10-hour sleep was muchly needed and greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mr. Sandman.

11 Mar 2013 – Monday

1.) The afternoon meeting went well, I think.
2.) New phone arrived and activated, but it’ll take some time to set up as I want.

1.) I’ve made it through the morning, and have myself reasonably prepped for this afternoon’s f2f meeting.
2.) According to their tracking page, the USPS is scheduled to deliver a Priority Mail package to me today. That would be my new cellphone. Hope the mailman comes when I’m home.