What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file I keep on Drop Box, update during my days, and upload to a public folder on Google Drive.


19 Mar 2013 – Tuesday

1.) Woh, I’m seriously starting to fade. There is the temptation to go for a power nap, but it may be smarter to zone out to a TV show or a movie instead, and hold out the for the old head to pillow routine until a more reasonable bed time. With a concert to attend on Friday night and a football game on Saturday night, I really want to condition myself into staying awake until at least 23:00 or so.

1.) There remains the possibility that I could be called to a face to face meeting this afternoon or evening, and that’s a possibility I’ll just have to live with for the rest of the week, I guess; but baring that, my task list for the remainder of the day looks to be doable at a relaxed, easy pace. Hope it remains that way.

1.) Last night’s was a good though segmented 7-hour sleep. The 1st 3-hour segment was followed by 1.5-hours of being awake and, finally, a dream-filled 4-hour segment. With the fog from that still not fully lifted, I’m moving carefully through the chores of what will another busy day.
2.) Started listening to Glenn Beck on the radio but he got all weepy (I HATE it when he does that!) talking about putting his dog down over the weekend. So I turned him off quickly and have started listening to Chrissie Hynde through my sound system. Oh yeah, I’ll take a strong woman ANY DAY over some weepy man!

18 Mar 2013 – Monday

1.) Crawling into the sack with Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire close by: my default nighttime computers. The plan is to watch some anime, an episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle, play some ShisenSho, maybe some Mahjong, and check my email, G+, and twitter streams while waiting for the Sandman to arrive.

1.) Home from the afternoon meeting which took longer than I expected but went better than I expected.
2.) And the machines in the laundry room are STILL busy, though they’re being used by a different neighbor now. Guess I’ll wait until tomorrow for my turn.

1.) My neighbors have been keeping the laundry room busy, so I guess doing my laundry will have to wait until after the f2f business meeting later this afternoon.
2.) Have had nice chats with both T and A already today. Hopefully this trend of good social contact will continue.

1.) Last night’s sleep was segmented, six hours long in total, and contained an enjoyable detailed dream in the second and final segment. I could probably have extended that second segment, but the decision was made to rise and prepare for a busy day. Six hours of sleep should be enough to get me through the day.
2.) The major work of the day will be a face to face business meeting mid-afternoon, I’ve been doing prep work for that all morning and I think I’m ready.