What WAS I thinking?!

Recent snippets from the Random Thoughts file kept on Drop Box, updated throughout my days, and uploaded to a public folder on Google Drive.


21 Mar 2013 – Thursday

1.) Happy to find that I can listen to all the March Madness games live, for free, via my Roku Box. Not that I’ll have much time for that, but when I will, I can.
2.) Have just learned my weekend will be a bit busier than I’d thought. Tomorrow will have a f2f meeting that could take most of the afternoon, and there’s that Concert tomorrow evening…

1.) Am I awake enough to tackle that pile of chess games waiting for me? Let’s hope so, because I’m going to start.

1.) Last night’s 4.5-hour sleep was about as restful as one that short can be, but it’s taking one Hell of a long time for the fog from it to lift. I’m thinking some good siesta time might be needed if I’m to get anything worthwhile accomplished today.

20 Mar 2013 – Wednesday

1.) And the work of the day is DONE! There’s more to do in most areas, but it can all wait until tomorrow. My intention now is to shut down the computers and listen to the Spurs/Warriors game which is just about ready to start.

1.) A busy day, but a productive one. And I’m still working!
2.) The most relaxing few hours of this day were those spent on a big city bus, riding out to a favorite Walmart and back home, reading several chapters of a Kindle book while enroute.

1.) Last night’s 8-hour sleep was solid and restful. Thanks, Mr. Sandman, I needed that.
2.) It’s been a busy, productive morning with work done on many ongoing projects. Now for a personal relaxation break that will allow me to continue this level of productivity through the afternoon.