In the middle of a VERY busy weekend, I caught a football game.

Friday: The busy pace of my weekend started with a long meeting on Friday afternoon, a meeting I spent most of the previous few days preparing for. And Friday night I attended a concert of the San Antonio Symphony.

Saturday: Taking care of hobby related chores during the day I: worked on all my current correspondence chess games; and rode the city bus up to Alien Worlds to collect the week’s new comic book from my pull-box. Then Saturday night I caught the arena football game at the Alamodome between our San Antonio Talons and the San Jose SaberCats.

Sunday: A long, 6-hour work-shift over at the Cathedral was followed by just enough time to get back home, clean up and grab a bite to eat before heading back over to the Cathedral. Knowing the Archbishop was going to be giving the Mass I expected a crowd so I got there plenty early. As soon as I walked in I was put to work again. Ha! Wasn’t expecting that. But I distributed palms before Mass. And I was surprised again when I was drafted into being one of the guys who pass around the collection baskets.

And now… I’m home from a long weekend, relaxing to the Spurs/Rockets NBA game.

Oh, the football game? It was lots of fun, even though my Talons lost. In the photo below, snapped at the game, the Talons are the team in the dark uniforms.

That football play - straightened

Unconsciously muttering – I say:: … and you think.

Playing week 530 of the popular, long-running, word association meme. 🙂

I say :: … and you think.

  1. Taco :: … Bell
  2. Serve :: … ministry
  3. Cubicle :: … office
  4. Moonlighting :: … second job
  5. Creaky :: … old
  6. Bittersweet :: … life
  7. Hop :: … kangaroo
  8. Install :: … put on place
  9. Quick :: … fast
  10. Hybrid :: … combination